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Refer to the Scenario: Bittersweet Coffee Company (BCC).

avaya 37820x certification exam q1

When responding to an RFP, it is common to propose an initial solution that meets only the minimum requirements of
the RFP, and later to propose additional or enhanced products/services that you believe will best meet the customer\\’s
needs. Assuming that you are providing the initial basic response to the BCC RFP, which product might not be needed,
but could be included in a subsequent response to provide additional functionality?
A. Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise
B. 1600 series telephone sets
C. Avaya one-X Mobile
D. Voicemail Pro
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the Scenario: IT-FAC.avaya 37820x certification exam q2

With their new IP OfficeTM, you decide to propose twinning to the mobile users. To twin external calls from the IP Office
to these mobile users, on-premise or off-premise requires two trunks; incoming and outgoing. To support 10
simultaneous calls require 20 trunks. In addition to the number of trunks required to extend calls, what other design
issue must be considered?
A. The incoming and outgoing trunk must be digital.
B. The Incoming trunk can be analog or digital and the outgoing trunk must be digital.
C. The incoming and outgoing trunk can be analog or digital.
D. The incoming trunk must be digital and the outgoing can be analog or digital.
Correct Answer: D

Which agent application uses the Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) function in Avaya Contact Center Select
A. one-X Agent
B. Avaya Communicator
C. Avaya Agent Desktop
D. Agent Desktop Display
Correct Answer: B

Currently, a customer has an IP500 V2 Preferred Edition deployment with SIP trunks at their office, but they plan to have
10 employees for tech support to work remotely within the next month. All 10 employees must be able to access their
extension simultaneously. They ask you If the IP OfficeTM has built-in functionality for this and whether that Is sufficient
from a security perspective. Which solution would satisfy the customer\\’s need for remote employees and security, and
which additional licensing (if any) is required?
A. An SBCE Is recommended and deployed with the IP Office. The customer also needs 10 Standard Licenses for the
remote workers.
B. The IP Office has a built-in SBC and firewall and It is sufficient for security. The customer also needs 10 Teleworker
C. An SBCE is recommended and deployed with the IP Office. The customer also needs 10 Standard and Advanced
Licenses for the remote workers.
D. The IP Office has a built-in SBC, and it is sufficient for security. The customer also needs 10 Teleworker licenses.
Correct Answer: A

Your customer wants to edit the standard reports.
In addition to the Basic Avaya Call Reporting license, what is required to allow your customer to change
some of the 50 standard reports?
A. Recording Library
B. Agent Dashboards
C. Realtime
D. Custom reports
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.avaya 37820x certification exam q6

You have just finished your discovery conversation with a multi-location, midsize customer. What would you do to use
the generic functional UCandC architecture shown in the exhibit?
A. Create a version of this diagram for each location.
B. Add the specific product names for components in your solution.
C. Cross out functionality not requested by the customer.
D. Add-In quantities for each of the components in your solution.
Correct Answer: C

You are proposing an Avaya Midsize solution with 200 agents, 10 supervisors, 225 non-agent UC users,
and 200 non-agent Telephony users.
How many Telephony users and UC users would be Included In your Bill of Materials?
A. 410 Telephony users and 225 UC users
B. 210 Telephony users and 425 UC users
C. 200 Telephony users and 435 UC users D. 400 Telephony users and 235 UC users
Correct Answer: C

In Avaya Contact Center Select, from where is social media data loaded Into the agent desktop?
A. The Contact Center Manager Server database
B. The Contact Center Manager Administration database
C. The Communication Control Toolkit database
D. The Contact Center Multimedia database
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the Scenario: HandH Ticket.avaya 37820x certification exam q9

The HandH Ticket company wants to replace their DEFINITY systems with a solution for which they can easily obtain
parts and maintenance. The customer contact wants to know why they should migrate to IP Office”* and not Avaya
Aura? In addition to telling them that this solution was purpose-built to support midsize enterprises with up to 3000
users, what else would you tell them?
A. IP Office Includes built-in apps such as voicemail, audio and web collaboration, mobility, IM, and Presence.
B. The IP Office can be virtualized in either a Nutanix or a VMware environment.
C. IP Office integrates with a multi-channel contact center solution that can migrate to Avaya Aura Contact Center.
D. IP Office uses many of the same components and applications such as SBCE and System Manager.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the IT-FAC scenario and exhibits.avaya 37820x certification exam q10 avaya 37820x certification exam q10-1 avaya 37820x certification exam q10-2

The customer. Island Tropics Family Amusement Center has received solution designs from two different vendors,
Vendor A and Vendor B. As the manufacturer\\’s representative, the customer wants you to explain the merits and
limitations of each solution. For the Mobile Users\\’ portion of the solution. Vendor A has proposed using a DECT
solution instead of using smartphones. What are the two characteristics of this mobility solution? (Choose two.)
A. It utilizes the WiFi network of APs.
B. It supports off-premise connectivity.
C. It operates on a separate DECT network.
D. It uses a line of ruggedized endpoints.
Correct Answer: AD

Midsize businesses face common market trends and need related to different aspects such as workforce
or cloud communications.
Which characteristic is an example of a workforce midsize segment trend?
A. Employees want access to tools to be more self-sufficient.
B. Employees are requesting company-provided mobile devices.
C. The number of users outside of the office is increasing.
D. More tech-savvy workers are working in the midsize segment.
Correct Answer: D

Which statement describe the competitive advantages of the Avaya Midsize Solution?
A. It focuses on the customer\\’s IT relevant needs.
B. It Is available in more deployment options than other major vendors.
C. It supports a broader range of endpoint types.
D. It delivers a lower total cost of ownership compared to all major vendors.
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the Scenario: HandH Tick.avaya 37820x certification exam q13

Based on the HandH Ticket scenario, which in Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) deployment would you
recommend providing secure, resilient SIP communications for Internal and mobile/remote representatives?
A. A high availability deployment on three Dell servers
B. A high availability deployment on two Dell servers
C. A high availability deployment on two Portwell Cad servers
D. A virtualized high availability Hyper-V deployment
Correct Answer: C

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