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Avaya 78200X Free Exam Questions Online Practice:

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If no Music-on-Hold source is selected, what will a caller hear when a user places them on hold?

A. a double bleep tone
B. silence
C. ringing
D. an automated voice saying “Please Hold”


Session Border Control is a key component for QoS, security, and routing, for a customer using which two components? (Choose two.)

A. Analogue devices
B. Remote Workers
C. Dect Users
D. PRI-Trunk
E. SIP-Trunk


Which application is used to access the IP Office Security Settings?

A. Web Manager Application
B. System Status Application
C. Monitor Application
D. Manager Application


What do Distributed Voicemail Pro and Central Voicemail Pro use to communicate?

D. RIPv2


What does “IMAP support” mean in the IP Office UMS service?

A. A user can see/listen to voicemail messages via the Web browser.
B. A user can receive voicemail messages only using MS Outlook.
C. All messages are forwarded to a user’s e-mail account and deleted on their telephone.
D. A user can receive voicemail messages to their Outlook, Outlook Express, and/or Lotus Notes programs running on their PC.
E. A new message is sent to a user’s e-mail account. The user can listen to it by dialing their telephone number.


Which application must be installed on a separate server or hard drive partition when installing IP Office Server Edition?

A. Web Services
B. Voicemail Pro
C. Avaya Contact Recorder
D. one-X® Portal
E. Call Detail Records


A customer has a Windows Voicemail Pro server. When calls come into the customer\’s system, if the telephone number of the caller is in the customer\’s records, the customer wants those calls to be routed to a specific user.

Which voicemail action type is needed to configure this?

A. Database Action
B. Miscellaneous Action
C. Configuration Action
D. Condition Action


In a Small Community Network (SCN) with Distributed Voicemail, which two are required? (Choose two.)

A. Local Host file
B. SMTP unblocked between Voicemail servers
C. Preferred Edition Licenses on all IP Office systems
D. Port 80 supported
E. IIS installed on all Voicemail Pro servers.


From which application are log files required for escalating issues to Avaya support?

B. System Monitor
C. Customer Call Status
D. Manager Report


Which application can be used to show available resources in an IP500 V2?

A. DbgView
B. IP Office Manager
C. Monitor
D. System Status Application


A customer tells you that the IP Office VoIP system has too much lag time between the speaker and the listener.

Which two statements describe what you should do to determine the cause of the delay? (Choose two.)

A. Use Wireshark.
B. Use debug view.
C. Enable RTCP monitoring.
D. Examine the IP Telephone VoIP settings.
E. Use SSA.


You have just plugged in a new IP500 V2, and you look at its Dashboard display to see the new device. No telephones are plugged into the unit.

Why are two ports in one of the modules green?

A. There is a Combo Card in the chassis.
B. The operating system is up, and someone is administering the system.
C. The device has power and passed the self-test.
D. LAN1 and LAN2 are disconnected.


Where can password rules and password complexities be set for Users?

A. Security Setting
B. Web Self Administration
C. Web Manager Administration
D. Manager Administration

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