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Latest Update Avaya 71800X Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

At Maximum Processing Capacity, how many messages per minute (combined email and voice) can Avaya IXTM
Messaging successfully process without loss of data, regardless of the number of users?
A. 5000
B. 4000
C. 3000
D. 2000
Correct Answer: B


Which two Windows operating system languages have been validated on Avaya IXTMMessaging release 10.8?
A. French
B. English
C. Arabic
D. Chines
Correct Answer: BD


In Avaya IXTM Messaging Server, network requirements for larger configurations require a 1 Gb/s network connection
between Avaya IXT” Messaging and Email servers. In such cases, an lGb/s layer 2-switch between all servers is also
How many users are considered for this larger configuration specification?
A. 400+ UC users
B. 500+ UC users
C. 800+ UC users
D. 1000+ UC users
Correct Answer: A

What are three deployment configuration considerations for the installation of Avaya IXTM Messaging? (Choose three.)
A. Network or mapped drives are not supported.
B. Network or mapped drives are supported.
C. An Avaya IXTM Messaging server may be installed on the root drive.
D. The drives may be a physical drive or a single drive with partitions.
E. An Avaya IXTM Messaging server only be installed on the root drive.
Correct Answer: ADE


In an Avaya IXTM Messaging solution, what are the two locations where the PBX Extension Max Length is configured?
(Choose two.)
A. On the Content Sync Engine server
B. On the Voice server nodes
C. On the Consolidated server
D. On the Database server
Correct Answer: AB


From how many users does Avaya recommend using High Availability?
A. 1000
B. 400
C. 3000
D. 5000
Correct Answer: A


When using distributed VSN configuration, how many advanced users can an entire Avaya IXTM Messaging solution
A. 4,800 advanced users
B. 20,000 advanced users
C. 60,000 advanced users
D. 80,000 advanced users
Correct Answer: D


In CTI, which parameter allows a caller\\’s records to be retrieved from the database while the call is forwarded to the
appropriate party?
A. Calling Number Delivery (CND)
B. Calling Line Identification (CUD)
C. Dialed Number Identification (DNIS)
D. Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
Correct Answer: D


Which three features does Avaya IXTM Messaging offer? (Choose
A. Linux operating system
B. PBX and Cloud Integration
C. H.323 integration
D. Fax, Speech, Transcription Services
E. JITC Security and Encryption
Correct Answer: ABC


Which two statements about Avaya IXTM Messaging integration with a third-party PBX are true? (Choose two.)
A. The number of PBXs is limited by the license.
B. In multi-PBX/multi-node, PBX with MWI with SIP and with CTI are supported.
C. Integration of multiple PBXs is only supported if the PBXs support the same type of MWI integration.
D. In multi-PBX/multi-node, all PBXs/nodes can use any trunk type for integration.
E. It is recommended that all PBXs/nodes use SIP trunks for integration.
Correct Answer: AC


What is the function of the Secure Mobilink service on the Avaya IXTM Messaging Consolidated Server?
A. It hosts the web services.
B. It provides HA Option with Carbonite.
C. It provides DB Sync across all voice server nodes.
D. It provides unified messaging synchronization.
Correct Answer: C


A customer has Avaya IX”\\’ Messaging installed and wants to modify the ETSIPService.ini file to enable TLS security. In
which folder is the ETSIPService.ini file located on the voice server hard drive?
C. UC/Configuration
D. UC/ETSIPService
Correct Answer: D


If SR140 fax port licenses are present, how many FAX channels are supported by Avaya IX, M Messaging?
A. 48 ports per voice server, 120 max/solution
B. 24 ports per voice server, 120 max/solution
C. 24 ports per voice server, 60 max/solution
D. 48 ports per voice server, 60 max/solution
Correct Answer: D

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