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“…… an attack-type for a rogue Wi-Fi access point that appears to be a legitimate one offered on the premises, but actually has been set up to eavesdrop on wireless communications. It is the wireless version of the phishing scam. An attacker fools wireless users into connecting a laptop or mobile phone to a tainted hot spot by posing as a legitimate provider. This type of attack may be used to steal the passwords of unsuspecting users by either snooping the communication link or by phishing, which involves setting up a fraudulent website and luring people there.”
Fill in the blank with the appropriate choice.

A. Evil Twin Attack
B. Sinkhole Attack
C. Collision Attack
D. Signal Jamming Attack

Correct Answer: A


How can rainbow tables be defeated?

A. Use of non-dictionary words
B. All uppercase character passwords
C. Password salting
D. Lockout accounts under brute force password cracking attempts

Correct Answer: C


You want to analyze packets on your wireless network. Which program would you use?

A. Wireshark with Airpcap
B. Airsnort with Airpcap
C. Wireshark with Winpcap
D. Ethereal with Winpcap

Correct Answer: A


Nicolas just found a vulnerability on a public-facing system that is considered a zero-day vulnerability. He sent an email to the owner of the public system describing the problem and how the owner can protect themselves from that vulnerability. He also sent an email to Microsoft informing them of the problem that their systems are exposed to. What type of hacker is Nicolas?

A. Red hat
B. white hat
C. Black hat
D. Gray hat

Correct Answer: B


Ron, a security professional, was pen testing web applications and SaaS platforms used by his company. While testing, he found a vulnerability that allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to API objects and perform actions such as view, updating, and delete sensitive data of the company. What is the API vulnerability revealed in the above scenario?

A. Code injections
B. Improper use of CORS
C. No ABAC validation
D. Business logic flaws

Correct Answer: B


A regional bank hires your company to perform a security assessment on their network after a recent data breach. The attacker was able to steal financial data from the bank by compromising only a single server. Based on this information, what should be one of your key recommendations to the bank?

A. Place a front-end web server in a demilitarized zone that only handles external web traffic
B. Require all employees to change their anti-virus program with a new one
C. Move the financial data to another server on the same IP subnet
D. Issue new certificates to the web servers from the root certificate authority

Correct Answer: A


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Which of the following options represents a conceptual characteristic of an anomaly-based IDS over a signature-based

A. Produces less false positives
B. Can identify unknown attacks
C. Requires vendor updates for a new threat
D. Cannot deal with encrypted network traffic


An attacker can employ many methods to perform social engineering against unsuspecting employees, including
What is the best example of a scareware attack?

A. A pop-up appears to a user stating, “You have won a free cruise! Click here to claim your prize!”

B. A banner appears to a user stating, “Your account has been locked. Click here to reset your password and unlock
your account.”

C. A banner appears to a user stating, “Your Amazon order has been delayed. Click here to find out your new delivery

D. A pop-up appears to a user stating, “Your computer may have been infected with spyware. Click here to install an
anti-spyware tool to resolve this issue.”


Clark is a professional hacker. He created and configured multiple domains pointing to the same host to switch quickly
between the domains and avoid detection. Identify the behavior of the adversary In the above scenario.

A. use of command-line interface
B. Data staging
C. Unspecified proxy activities
D. Use of DNS tunneling

A proxy server acts as a gateway between you and therefore the internet. It\\’s an intermediary server separating end
users from the websites they browse. Proxy servers provide varying levels of functionality, security, and privacy
counting on your use case, needs, or company policy.If you\\’re employing a proxy server, internet traffic flows through
the proxy server on its thanks to the address you requested. A proxy server is essentially a computer on the web with its own IP address that your computer knows. once you send an internet request, your request goes to the proxy server
first. The proxy server then makes your web request on your behalf, collects the response from the online server, and
forwards you the online page data so you\\’ll see the page in your browser.


What would be the purpose of running “wget -q -S” against a web server?

A. Performing content enumeration on the web server to discover hidden folders
B. Using wget to perform banner grabbing on the webserver
C. Flooding the web server with requests to perform a DoS attack
D. Downloading all the contents of the web page locally for further examination


On performing a risk assessment, you need to determine the potential impacts when some of the critical business
processes of the company interrupt its service.
What is the name of the process by which you can determine those critical businesses?

A. Emergency Plan Response (EPR)
B. Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
C. Risk Mitigation
D. Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)


Alice, a professional hacker, targeted an organization\\’s cloud services. She infiltrated the targets MSP provider by
sending spear-phishing emails and distributed custom-made malware to compromise user accounts and gain remote
access to the cloud service. Further, she accessed the target customer profiles with her MSP account, compressed the
customer data, and stored them in the MSP. Then, she used this information to launch further attacks on the target
organization. Which of the following cloud attacks did Alice perform in the above scenario?

A. Cloud hopper attack
B. Cloud cryptojacking
C. Cloudborne attack
D. Man-in-the-cloud (MITC) attack

Operation Cloud Hopper was an in depth attack and theft of data in 2017 directed at MSP within the uk (U.K.), us (U.S.),
Japan, Canada, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, South Africa , India, Thailand, South Korea and
Australia. The group used MSP as intermediaries to accumulate assets and trade secrets from MSP client engineering,
MSP industrial manufacturing, retail, energy, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and government
agencies.Operation Cloud Hopper used over 70 variants of backdoors, malware and trojans. These were delivered
through spear-phishing emails. The attacks scheduled tasks or leveraged services/utilities to continue Microsoft
Windows systems albeit the pc system was rebooted. It installed malware and hacking tools to access systems and
steal data.


Mason, a professional hacker, targets an organization and spreads Emotet malware through malicious script. After
infecting the victim\\’s device. Mason further used Emotet to spread the infection across local networks and beyond to
compromise as many machines as possible. In this process, he used a tool, which is a self-extracting RAR file, to
retrieve information related to network resources such as writable share drives. What is the tool employed by Mason in
the above scenario?

A. NetPass.exe
B. Outlook scraper
C. WebBrowserPassView
D. Credential enumerator


Security administrator John Smith has noticed abnormal amounts of traffic coming from local computers at night. Upon reviewing, he finds that user data have been exfilltrated by an attacker. AV tools are unable to find any malicious
software, and the IDS/IPS has not reported on any non-whitelisted programs, what type of malware did the attacker use to bypass the company\\’s application whitelisting?

A. Phishing malware
B. Zero-day malware
C. File-less malware
D. Logic bomb malware


Cross-site request forgery involves:

A. A request sent by a malicious user from a browser to a server
B. Modification of a request by a proxy between client and server
C. A browser making a request to a server without the user\\’s knowledge
D. A server making a request to another server without the user\\’s knowledge


joe works as an it administrator in an organization and has recently set up a cloud computing service for the
organization. To implement this service, he reached out to a telecom company for providing Internet connectivity and
transport services between the organization and the cloud service provider, in the NIST cloud deployment reference
architecture, under which category does the telecom company fall in the above scenario?

A. Cloud booker
B. Cloud consumer
C. Cloud carrier
D. Cloud auditor

A cloud carrier acts as an intermediary that provides connectivity and transport of cloud services between cloud
consumers and cloud providers. Cloud carriers provide access to consumers through network, telecommunication and
other access devices. for instance, cloud consumers will obtain cloud services through network access devices, like
computers, laptops, mobile phones, mobile web devices (MIDs), etc. The distribution of cloud services is often provided
by network and telecommunication carriers or a transport agent, wherever a transport agent refers to a business
organization that provides physical transport of storage media like high-capacity hard drives. Note that a cloud provider can started SLAs with a cloud carrier to provide services consistent with the level of SLAs offered to cloud consumers, and will require the cloud carrier to provide dedicated and secure connections between cloud consumers and cloud providers.


Steven connected his iPhone to a public computer that had been infected by Clark, an attacker. After establishing the
connection with the public computer, Steven enabled iTunes WI-FI sync on the computer so that the device could
continue communication with that computer even after being physically disconnected. Now, Clark gains access to
Steven\\’s iPhone through the infected computer and is able to monitor and read all of Steven\\’s activity on the iPhone, even after the device is out of the communication zone.
Which of the following attacks is performed by Clark in above scenario?

A. IOS trustjacking
B. lOS Jailbreaking
C. Exploiting SS7 vulnerability
D. Man-in-the-disk attack

An iPhone client\\’s most noticeably terrible bad dream is to have somebody oversee his/her gadget, including the
capacity to record and control all action without waiting be in a similar room. In this blog entry, we present another
weakness called “Trustjacking”, which permits an aggressor to do precisely that. This weakness misuses an iOS
highlight called iTunes Wi-Fi sync, which permits a client to deal with their iOS gadget without genuinely interfacing it to their PC. A solitary tap by the iOS gadget proprietor when the two are associated with a similar organization permits an assailant to oversee the gadget. Furthermore, we will stroll through past related weaknesses and show the progressions that iPhone has made to alleviate them, and why these are adequately not to forestall comparative assaults. After interfacing an iOS gadget to another PC, the clients are being found out if they trust the associated PC or not. Deciding to believe the PC permits it to speak with the iOS gadget by means of the standard iTunes APIs. This permits the PC to get to the photographs on the gadget, perform reinforcement, introduce applications and considerably more, without requiring another affirmation from the client and with no recognizable sign. Besides, this permits enacting the “iTunes WiFi sync” highlight, which makes it conceivable to proceed with this sort of correspondence with the gadget even after it has been detached from the PC, as long as the PC and the iOS gadget are associated with a similar organization. It is intriguing to take note of that empowering “iTunes Wi-Fi sync” doesn\\’t need the casualty\\’s endorsement and can be directed simply from the PC side. Getting a live stream of the gadget\\’s screen should be possible effectively by consistently requesting screen captures and showing or recording them distantly. It is imperative to take note of that other than the underlying single purpose of disappointment, approving the vindictive PC, there is no other component that forestalls this proceeded with access. Likewise, there isn\\’t anything that informs the clients that by approving the PC they permit admittance to their gadget even in the wake of detaching the USB link.


Ron, a security professional, was pen testing web applications and SaaS platforms used by his company. While testing,
he found a vulnerability that allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to API objects and perform actions such as
view, update, and delete sensitive data of the company. What is the API vulnerability revealed in the above scenario?

A. Code injections
B. Improper use of CORS
C. No ABAC validation
D. Business logic flaws

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