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Latest Update ECCouncil 312-50V11 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Which of the following tools is used to analyze the files produced by several packet-capture programs such as tcpdump,
WinDump, Wireshark, and EtherPeek?
A. tcptrace
B. Nessus
C. OpenVAS
D. tcptraceroute
Correct Answer: A


A technician is resolving an issue where a computer is unable to connect to the Internet using a wireless access point.
The computer is able to transfer files locally to other machines, but cannot successfully reach the Internet. When the
technician examines the IP address and default gateway they are both on the Which of the following
has occurred?
A. The computer is not using a private IP address.
B. The gateway is not routing to a public IP address.
C. The gateway and the computer are not on the same network.
D. The computer is using an invalid IP address.
Correct Answer: B


What is not a PCI compliance recommendation?
A. Use a firewall between the public network and the payment card data.
B. Use encryption to protect all transmission of card holder data over any public network.
C. Rotate employees handling credit card transactions on a yearly basis to different departments.
D. Limit access to card holder data to as few individuals as possible.
Correct Answer: C


Although FTP traffic is not encrypted by default, which layer 3 protocol would allow for end-to-end encryption of the
B. Ipsec
Correct Answer: B


Which method of password cracking takes the most time and effort?
A. Dictionary attack
B. Shoulder surfing
C. Rainbow tables
D. Brute force
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following tools is used to detect wireless LANs using the 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN standards on a linux
A. Kismet
B. Abel
C. Netstumbler
D. Nessus
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following is the structure designed to verify and authenticate the identity of individuals within the enterprise
taking part in a data exchange?
B. biometrics
C. single sign on
Correct Answer: D


The collection of potentially actionable, overt, and publicly available information is known as
A. Open-source intelligence
B. Real intelligence
C. Social intelligence
D. Human intelligence
Correct Answer: A


You need to deploy a new web-based software package for your organization. The package requires three separate
servers and needs to be available on the Internet. What is the recommended architecture in terms of server placement?
A. All three servers need to be placed internally
B. A web server facing the Internet, an application server on the internal network, a database server on the internal
C. A web server and the database server facing the Internet, an application server on the internal network
D. All three servers need to face the Internet so that they can communicate between themselves
Correct Answer: B


A regional bank hires your company to perform a security assessment on their network after a recent data breach. The
attacker was able to steal financial data from the bank by compromising only a single server.
Based on this information, what should be one of your key recommendations to the bank?
A. Place a front-end web server in a demilitarized zone that only handles external web traffic
B. Require all employees to change their anti-virus program with a new one
C. Move the financial data to another server on the same IP subnet
D. Issue new certificates to the web servers from the root certificate authority
Correct Answer: A

To determine if a software program properly handles a wide range of invalid input, a form of automated testing can be
used to randomly generate invalid input in an attempt to crash the program.
What term is commonly used when referring to this type of testing?
A. Randomizing
B. Bounding
C. Mutating
D. Fuzzing
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following is the best countermeasure to encrypting ransomwares?
A. Use multiple antivirus softwares
B. Pay a ransom
C. Keep some generation of off-line backup
D. Analyze the ransomware to get decryption key of encrypted data
Correct Answer: C


While performing online banking using a Web browser, a user receives an email that contains a link to an interesting
Web site. When the user clicks on the link, another Web browser session starts and displays a video of cats playing a
piano. The next business day, the user receives what looks like an email from his bank, indicating that his bank account
has been accessed from a foreign country. The email asks the user to call his bank and verify the authorization of a
funds transfer that took place. What Web browser-based security vulnerability was exploited to compromise the user?
A. Clickjacking
B. Cross-Site Scripting
C. Cross-Site Request Forgery
D. Web form input validation
Correct Answer: C

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