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Which product is an Avaya Aura Core product that provides Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) to deliver tones, announcements, and mix audio streams in a multi-party conference?

A. Application Enablement Server
B. Avaya Aura Session Manager
C. Avaya Aura Media Server
D. Avaya Breeze?

Correct Answer: C


Release 8.x Avaya Aura Core products are available as bundled OVA packages for which two platforms? (Choose two.)

A. VMware
B. System Platform
C. Customer Provided Redhat OS K D) Linux KVM
D. Windows Server 2019

Correct Answer: AD


Which two servers are no longer supported by Avaya Aura 8? (Choose two.)

A. Common Server 3 (CSR3)
B. Common Server 2 (CSR2
C. Common Server 1 (CSR1)
D. S8300D
E. S8300E

Correct Answer: ABE


How do an Avaya Aura Branch Session Manager and Its Survivable Communication Manager communicate?

A. By using the synchronization process

B. By using the Replication process

C. By using the SIP Entity and Entity link manually created between the Branch Session Manager and the Survivable Communication Manager

D. By using a link that is automatically created after you built the Entity link between your Branch Session Manager and Main Communication Manager

Correct Answer: D


Which event triggers the activation of Avaya Aura Communication Manager (CM) Survivable Server so it can accept H.323 registrations and/or make IP trunks active?

A. a broadcast message from the Main CM Server right before it goes into failure

B. the first H.323 Registration Request the CM Survivable Server receives from any H.323 Endpoint after the Endpoint loses contract with the Main CM Server

C. the interruption in the RAS keeps alive the link between CM Main and CM Survivable Servers

D. the availability of DSP Resources in the CM Survivable Server, the registration of either a Media Gateway or an Avaya Aura Media Server with that CM Survivable Server.

Correct Answer: D


To ensure that your Survivable Communication Manager (CM) is updated daily with the latest translation date from your Main CM, which form should you update?

A. system-parameters maintenance
B. system-parameters customer-options
C. system-parameters Ip-options
D. system-parameters features

Correct Answer: A



Which Avaya product orchestrates the routing of SIP sessions across the network?

A. Avaya Aura Media Server (AAMS)
B. Avaya Aura Session Manager (SM)
C. Avaya Aura Communication Manager (CM)
D. Avaya Aura System Manager (SMGR)

Correct Answer: B


Which two backup methods are available for a System Manager Backup? (Choose two.)

A. SD Card Backup
B. DVD Backup
C. Local Backup
D. USB Backup
E. Remote Backup

Correct Answer: AD


You need to convert a one X? Communicator from H.323 mode to SIP. You have accessed the settings
menu and choked the SIP radio button. You need to enter the SIP domain, but the SIP domain field is not being displayed.
Which action needs to happen?

A. SIP needs to be enabled In the Preferences menu.
B. No action since this version of one X? Communicator only supports H.323.
C. The SIP TLS certificate needs to be installed.
D. The softphone needs to restart to offer the correct menu.

Correct Answer: D


Which CS1000 feature will be newly available from Avaya Aura 8.x?

A. Unified Communication Manager integration with System Manager
B. Multiple Appearance Directory Number – MADN
C. CS1000 Adaptation
D. CS1000 Shared Bandwidth Management with Session Manager

Correct Answer: A


In Avaya Aura which option is a valid point of connectivity for an H.323 Endpoint or IP Trunk?

A. Avaya Aura Media Server
B. Avaya Aura System Manager Server
C. Avaya Aura Session Manager SM-100
D. Avaya Aura Communication Manager Processor Ethernet

Correct Answer: D


In Avaya Aura which interface must an H.323 Endpoint be configured to register with?

A. Avaya Aura Session Manager SM-100
B. Avaya Aura Media Server
C. Avaya Aura System Manager Server
D. Avaya Aura Communication Manager Processor Ethernet

Correct Answer: D


The Avaya Aura Communication Manager Duplex Cluster has a key IP address that applications and H323
endpoints will communicate directly with.
What is this IP address more commonly known as?

A. CM Application address
B. Duplex IP address
C. Communication address
D. Alias IP address

Correct Answer: C


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