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Latest Update ECCouncil 212-89 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Adam calculated the total cost of a control to protect 10,000 $ worth of data as 20,000 $. What do you advise Adam to
A. Apply the control
B. Not to apply the control
C. Use qualitative risk assessment
D. Use semi-qualitative risk assessment instead
Correct Answer: B


Spyware tool used to record malicious user\\’s computer activities and keyboard stokes is called:
A. adware
B. Keylogger
C. Rootkit
D. Firewall
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is NOT one of the techniques used to respond to insider threats:
A. Placing malicious users in quarantine network, so that attack cannot be spread
B. Preventing malicious users from accessing unclassified information
C. Disabling the computer systems from network connection
D. Blocking malicious user accounts
Correct Answer: B


What is the best staffing model for an incident response team if current employees\\’ expertise is very low?
A. Fully outsourced
B. Partially outsourced
C. Fully insourced
D. All the above
Correct Answer: A


ADAM, an employee from a multinational company, uses his company\\’s accounts to send e-mails to a third party with
their spoofed mail address. How can you categorize this type of account?
A. Inappropriate usage incident
B. Unauthorized access incident
C. Network intrusion incident
D. Denial of Service incident
Correct Answer: A


A computer forensic investigator must perform a proper investigation to protect digital evidence. During the
investigation, an investigator needs to process large amounts of data using a combination of automated and manual
methods. Identify the computer forensic process involved:
A. Analysis
B. Preparation
C. Examination
D. Collection
Correct Answer: C


The free, open source, TCP/IP protocol analyzer, sniffer and packet capturing utility standard across many industries
and educational institutions is known as:
A. Snort
B. Wireshark
C. Cain and Able
D. nmap
Correct Answer: B


In which of the steps of NIST\\’s risk assessment methodology are the boundary of the IT system, along with the
resources and the information that constitute the system identified?
A. Likelihood Determination
B. Control recommendation
C. System characterization
D. Control analysis
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is NOT a digital forensic analysis tool:
A. Access Data FTK
B. EAR/ Pilar
C. Guidance Software EnCase Forensic
D. Helix
Correct Answer: B


Which test is conducted to determine the incident recovery procedures effectiveness?
A. Live walk-throughs of procedures
B. Scenario testing
C. Department-level test
D. Facility-level test
Correct Answer: A


According to US-CERT; if an agency is unable to successfully mitigate a DOS attack it must be reported within:
A. One (1) hour of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing
B. Two (2) hours of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing
C. Three (3) hours of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing
D. Four (4) hours of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing
Correct Answer: B


Total cost of disruption of an incident is the sum of
A. Tangible and Intangible costs
B. Tangible cost only
C. Intangible cost only
D. Level Two and Level Three incidents cost
Correct Answer: A


Which is the incorrect statement about Anti-keyloggers scanners:
A. Detect already installed Keyloggers in victim machines
B. Run in stealthy mode to record victims online activity
C. Software tools
Correct Answer: B

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