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More detailed 300-610 DCID certification information:

Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 300-610
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID)
Certification: CCNP Data Center
Duration: 90 minutes
Languages: English
Price: $300 USD
Number of Questions: 55-65
300-610 dumps:

Cisco 300-610 exam questions online practice test:

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Question 1:

What is an advantage of using OTV as compared to VPLS for data center redundancy?

A. prevents loops on point-to-point links

B. provides head-end replication

C. uses a proactive MAC advertisement

D. provides full-mesh connectivity

Question 2:

Which multicast rendezvous point redundancy mode is valid for Bidirectional PIM?

A. Embedded RP

B. Phantom RP


D. PIM anycast RP

Question 3:

An engineer deploys LISP VM mobility.

Which feature is configured on the interfaces that have VM mobility enabled?

A. IP redirects

B. flow control

C. proxy ARP


Question 4:

What are two advantages of using Cisco vPC over traditional access layer designs? (Choose two.)

A. supports Layer 3 port channels

B. disables spanning-tree

C. no spanning-tree blocked ports

D. uses all available uplink bandwidth

E. maintains a single control plane

Question 5:

What is a design consideration when implementing FSPF?

A. Routes are based on the domain ID.

B. Routes are based on the distance vector protocol.

C. FSPF runs only on F Ports.

D. FSPF runs on a per-chassis basis.

Question 6:

Which two features are provided by deploying an OOB management network in a Cisco Nexus data center? (Choose two.)

A. Layer 3 path for monitoring purposes

B. Layer 2 path for server traffic

C. Layer 2 path for a vPC peer link

D. Layer 3 path for vPC keepalive packets

E. Layer 3 path for server traffic

Question 7:

The management of the Cisco Nexus switches is provided over an isolated put-of-band network. The VDC feature is configured on the Cisco Nexus core switches. How is out-of-band management access provided for each VDC?

A. All the VDC have the same out-of-band IP address.

B. Each VDC has a dedicated out-of-band Ethernet management port.

C. Each VDC has a unique out-of-band IP address from the same IP subnet.

D. Each VDC has a unique out-of-band IP address from different IP subnets among VDCs.

Question 8:

Which protocol prevents fiber failures from causing a Layer 2 loop in a dark fiber DCI?





Question 9:

What are two characteristics of VRF-Lite on the Cisco NX-OS platform? (Choose two.)

A. Layer 3 interfaces can belong to multiple VRFs.

B. VRF-Lite interfaces can be Layer 2.

C. Overlapping IP addresses are permitted on different VRFs.

D. Interfaces that belong to VRFs can be physical or logical.

E. VRF-Lite interfaces support MPLS.

Question 10:

Refer to the exhibit.

What must be the default gateway of the servers in EPG Web?

A. subnet address of BD1

B. subnet address of L3Out

C. subnet address of BD2

D. NAT appliance

Question 11:

Which element is the main functional component of the architecture that separates the internal fabric and the external network that connects sites when VXLAN EVPN is deployed multisite?

A. border leaf

B. service leaf

C. border gateway

D. service gateway

Question 12:

Which feature must be configured to connect a classical Ethernet network to a data center network so that the data center network appears to be one large switch?

A. vPC+




Question 13:

When planning to deploy a load-balancing service as a managed node, which ACI configuration must be included?


B. Layer 4 to Layer 7 device package

C. inline load-balancing device


Question 14:

What are two reasons to select OTV as the DCI solution to connect multisite topologies? (Choose two.)

A. It propagates hosts reachability without the support of traffic flooding.

B. Layer 3 failures do not propagate beyond the OTV edge device.

C. It extends the spanning tree between data centers.

D. It is an open standard.

E. It constrains HSRP hello messages to each data center.

Question 15:

Which technology enables Layer 2 extension between remote data center sites?






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