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Avaya is a company specializing in cloud communication and workflow collaboration solutions. The company’s Avaya OneCloud experience platform includes Unified Communications (UCaaS), Contact Center (CCaaS), CPaaS, and Services.
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Avaya 33820X Exam Questions Online Test

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A customer has inquired about Avaya Callback Assist (CBA) to learn about immediate and scheduled callbacks with
Avaya Experience Portal. From a technical and administration standpoint, CBA supports which two environments?
(Choose two.)

B. EC500



Avaya OneCloud IX,H Contact Center is a true, multi-tenant, complete Contact Center solution that provides a simplified cloud experience for operations and agents. A customer needs skill-based call center routing as part of their solution. Which two IXTM Contact Center bundles offer this feature? (Choose two.)

A. Reporting Bundle
B. Basic Bundle
C. Voice Bundle
D. Advanced Bundle



A new customer needs a solution that runs on their existing Avaya Aura?Unified Communication (UC) platform, and
provides basic and advanced call center features like Expert Agent Selection and Best Service Routing.
Based on these requirements, which solution would you recommend to the customer?

A. Avaya Aura?Elite Multichannel
B. Avaya Aura?Call Center Elite
C. Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing
D. Avaya Proactive Contact



Avaya enabled the automated installation of the Avaya OneCloudTM ReadyNow software. With each ReadyNow
Solution, Avaya is delivering a pre-built golden image which includes the Avaya Virtual Machine applications or
services. Additionally, which program Is leveraged to automate the implementation of network, firewalls, and security container?

A. Avaya Update Manager
B. Capacity Planner
C. Avaya Maestro
D. vCenter Manager



Refer to the exhibit.

33820x q5

In this example, the target market is enterprise contact centers and general enterprise telephony customers who are
implementing CTIapplications with Communications Manager.
Which open standards-based solution runs on a Linux server, is tightly integrated with a Communication Manager and
Elite Multichannel solution, and is missing from this diagram?

A. Avaya Aura?Session Manager
B. Avaya Aura?Session Border Controller
C. Avaya Aura?Application Enablement Services
D. Avaya Aura?Media Server



A customer with a large Contact Center needs a self-service landing pad for incoming calls to handle all the requests
that don\\’t require agent support, and also provide a means to fairly distribute agent-bound calls among multiple sites by using Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR).
When there are multiple Communication Manager (CM) systems, what allows ICR to connect to the PSTN and CM with
Call Center Elite systems via SIP?

A. Avaya Aura Session Manager
B. Avaya Session Border Controller
C. Avaya Oceana
D. Avaya Aura Media Server



A customer requires a solution that has a broad appeal across all vertical markets, and simplifies the management
operations of Avaya-based solutions through a centralized administration platform. This solution will also reduce costs,
enhance security and access, all without increasing complexity.
Which application solution would you present to this customer?

A. Avaya Control Manager
B. Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing
C. Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager
D. Avaya Experience Portal



Many organizations are seeking ways to lower the cost of application development, management, maintenance, and
updates. To become agile to changing business conditions and minimize the cost of updates, which fully featured graphical development environment for creating applications, and runs on Avaya Experience Portal, Is available for customers?

A. Graphical Designer
B. Call Vectoring
C. Visual Designer
D. Avaya IXTM Orchestration



Refer to the exhibit.

33820x q9

This high-level diagram shows what a customer\\’s infrastructure might look like with their migration to Avaya
OneCloudTM ReadyNow. With the information in the exhibit, which routing technique would you place in the box with the question mark, to provide connectivity for application support?

A. Multiprotocol TX Module (MTM)
B. Multiprotocol Transmitter Module (MTM)
C. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) SD-WAN
D. Multiprotocol Ethernet (ME)



Application Enablement Services (AES) protocols such as TSAPI, JTAPI, and DMCC, no longer need to be purchased
separately with which licensing option?

A. Enablement Licensing (EL)
B. Application Specific Licensing (ASL)
C. Standard License (SL)
D. Advanced License (AL)



An agent license in Avaya Call Management System is consumed for each agent logged in to at least one measured
skill. Regardless of the number of skills assigned to an agent, only one CMS agent license Is consumed when an agent
logs In to one or more measured skills. Agent licenses are enabled on CC Elite and CMS, and the Elite Agent licenses
are for the ACD functionality. If CMS is reporting on three ACDs with 500 active agents each, how many agents would it be licensed for?

A. 500
B. 750
C. 1000
D. 1500



A client wants a solution to view live, real-time information, and see the immediate results of their adjustments.
From a migration standpoint, in addition to Avaya Aura?Call Center Elite, which additional application will preserve the
customer investment?

A. Avaya IXTM Workforce Engagement
B. Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing
C. Avaya Call Management System
D. Avaya Aura?Elite Multichannel

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