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Latest Update CheckPoint 156-215.80 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Which of the following is NOT an element of VPN Simplified Mode and VPN Communities?
A. “Encrypt” action in the Rule Base
B. Permanent Tunnels
C. “VPN” column in the Rule Base
D. Configuration checkbox “Accept all encrypted traffic”
Correct Answer: A
Migrating from Traditional Mode to Simplified Mode
To migrate from Traditional Mode VPN to Simplified Mode:
On the Global Properties > VPN page, select one of these options: Simplified mode to all new Firewall Policies
Traditional or Simplified per new Firewall Policy
Click OK.
From the R80 SmartConsole Menu, select Manage policies.
The Manage Policies window opens.
Click New.
The New Policy window opens.
Give a name to the new policy and select Access Control.
In the Security Policy Rule Base, a new column marked VPN shows and the Encrypt option is no longer available in the
Action column. You are now working in Simplified Mode.
Reference: http://dl3.checkpoint.com/paid/05/05e695b2012b4fd1d2bdfeccecd29290/CP_R80BC_VPN_AdminGuide.pdf?HashKey=1479823792_55fbc10656c87db4fcf742f4899ba90dandxtn=.pdf


A Cleanup rule:
A. logs connections that would otherwise be dropped without logging by default.
B. drops packets without logging connections that would otherwise be dropped and logged by default.
C. logs connections that would otherwise be accepted without logging by default.
D. drops packets without logging connections that would otherwise be accepted and logged by default.
Correct Answer: A


When connected to the Check Point R80 Management Server using the SmartConsole the first administrator to connect
has a lock on:
A. Only the objects being modified in the Management Database and other administrators can connect to make
changes using a special session as long as they all connect from the same LAN network.
B. The entire Management Database and other administrators can connect to make changes only if the first
administrator switches to Read-only.
C. The entire Management Database and all sessions and other administrators can connect only as Read-only.
D. Only the objects being modified in his session of the Management Database and other administrators can connect to
make changes using different sessions.
Correct Answer: D


Vanessa is attempting to log into the Gaia Web Portal. She is able to login successfully. Then she tries the same
username and password for SmartConsole but gets the message in the screenshot image below. She has checked that
the IP address of the server is correct and the username and password she used to login into Gaia is also correct.[2021.3] lead4pass 156-215.80 q4

What is the most likely reason?
A. Check Point R80 SmartConsole authentication is more secure than in previous versions and Vanessa requires a
special authentication key for R80 SmartConsole. Check that the correct key details are used.
B. Check Point Management software authentication details are not automatically the same as the Operating System
authentication details. Check that she is using the correct details.
C. SmartConsole Authentication is not allowed for Vanessa until a Super administrator has logged in first and cleared
any other administrator sessions.
D. Authentication failed because Vanessa\\’s username is not allowed in the new Threat Prevention console update
checks even though these checks passed with Gaia.
Correct Answer: B


ALPHA Corp has a new administrator who logs into the Gaia Portal to make some changes. He realizes that even
though he has logged in as an administrator, he is unable to make any changes because all configuration options are
greyed out as shown in the screenshot image below. What is the likely cause for this?[2021.3] lead4pass 156-215.80 q5

A. The Gaia /bin/confd is locked by another administrator from a SmartConsole session.
B. The database is locked by another administrator SSH session.
C. The Network address of his computer is in the blocked hosts.
D. The IP address of his computer is not in the allowed hosts.
Correct Answer: B
There is a lock on the top left side of the screen. B is the logical answer.


Which message indicates IKE Phase 2 has completed successfully?
A. Quick Mode Complete
B. Aggressive Mode Complete
C. Main Mode Complete
D. IKE Mode Complete
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following is NOT a valid application navigation tab in the R80 SmartConsole?
A. Manage and Command Line
B. Logs and Monitor
C. Security Policies
D. Gateway and Servers
Correct Answer: A[2021.3] lead4pass 156-215.80 q7

Reference: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/R80.10/SmartConsole_OLH/EN/html_frameset.htm?topic=documents/R80.10/SmartConsole_OLH/EN/4x3HIUbSkxYhtcFgIKlg0w2


What is the best sync method in the ClusterXL deployment?
A. Use 1 cluster + 1st sync
B. Use 1 dedicated sync interface
C. Use 3 clusters + 1st sync + 2nd sync + 3rd sync
D. Use 2 clusters + 1st sync + 2nd sync
Correct Answer: B


Which of these components does NOT require a Security Gateway R77 license?
A. Security Management Server
B. Check Point Gateway
C. SmartConsole
D. SmartUpdate upgrading/patching
Correct Answer: C


To quickly review when Threat Prevention signatures were last updated, which Threat Tool would an administrator
A. Protections
B. IPS Protections
C. Profiles
D. ThreatWiki
Correct Answer: B


Examine the sample Rule Base.[2021.3] lead4pass 156-215.80 q11

What will be the result of verification of the policy from SmartConsole?
A. No errors or Warnings B. Verification Error. Empty Source-List in Rule 5 (Mail Inbound)
C. Verification Error. Rule 4 (Web Inbound) hides Rule 6 (Webmaster access)
D. Verification Error. Rule 7 (Clean-Up Rule) hides Implicit Clean-up Rule
Correct Answer: C


R80 Security Management Server can be installed on which of the following operating systems?
A. Gaia only
B. Gaia, SPLAT, Windows Server only
C. Gaia, SPLAT, Windows Server, and IPSO only
D. Gaia and SPLAT only
Correct Answer: A
R80 can be installed only on GAIA OS.
Supported Check Point Installations All R80 servers are supported on the Gaia Operating System:
?Security Management Server
?Multi-Domain Security Management Server
?Log Server
?Multi-Domain Log Server
?SmartEvent Server
Reference: http://dl3.checkpoint.com/paid/1f/1f7e21da67aa992954aa12a0a84e53a8/CP_R80_ReleaseNotes.pdf?HashKey=1479838085_d6ffcb36c6a3128708b3f6d7bcc4f94eandxtn=.pdf


Choose the SmartLog property that is TRUE.
A. SmartLog has been an option since release R71.10.
B. SmartLog is not a Check Point product.
C. SmartLog and SmartView Tracker are mutually exclusive.
D. SmartLog is a client of SmartConsole that enables enterprises to centrally track log records and security activity with
Google-like search.
Correct Answer: D

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