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In maintenance mode, which features of KPIs still function?

A. KPI searches will execute but will be buffered until the maintenance window is over.
B. KPI searches still run during maintenance mode, but results go to itsi_maintenance_summaryindex.
C. New KPIs can be created, but existing KPIs are locked.
D. KPI calculations and threshold settings can be modified.

It\\’s a best practice to schedule maintenance windows with a 15- to 30-minute time buffer before and after you start and stop your maintenance work. This gives the system an opportunity to catch up with the maintenance state and reduces the chances of ITSI generating false positives during maintenance operations.
Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/Configure/AboutMW



Anomaly detection can be enabled on which one of the following?

B. Multi-KPI alert
C. Entity
D. Service

Enable anomaly detection to identify trends and outliers in KPI search results that might indicate an issue with your system.
Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/AD



Which of the following is a characteristic of base searches?

A. Search expression, entity splitting rules, and thresholds are configured at the base search level.
B. It is possible to filter to entities assigned to the service for calculating the metrics for the service\\’s KPIs.
C. The fewer KPIs that share a common base search, the more efficiency a base search provides, and anomaly detection is more efficient.
D. The base search will execute whether or not a KPI needs it.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/BaseSearch



How do you automatically restrict a KPI to only the entities in its service, and generate KPI values for each entity?

A. Select “Yes” for both “Split by Entity” and “Filter to Entities in Service”.
B. Select “No” for “Split by Entity” and “Yes” for “Filter to Entities in Service”.
C. Select “Yes” for “Split by Entity” and “No” for “Filter to Entities in Service”.
D. Select “No” for both “Split by Entity” and “Filter to Entities in Service”.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/BaseSearch



What is the main purpose of the service analyzer?

A. Display a list of All Services and Entities.
B. Trigger external alerts based on threshold violations.
C. Allow Analysts to add comments to Alerts.
D. Monitor overall Service and KPI status.

Alerts and Sharing Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/MSExchange/4.0.3/Reference/ServiceAnalyzer



When deploying ITSI on a distributed Splunk installation, which component must be installed on the search head(s)?

B. ITSI app
C. All ITSI components
D. SA-ITSI-Licensechecker

Install SA-ITSI-Licensechecker and SA-UserAccess on any license master in a distributed or search head cluster environment. If a search head in your environment is also a license master, the license master components are installed when you install ITSI on the search heads.
Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/Install/InstallDD



Which of the following are the default ports that must be configured on Splunk to use ITSI?

A. SplunkWeb (8405), SplunkD (8519), and HTTP Collector (8628)
B. SplunkWeb (8089), SplunkD (8088), and HTTP Collector (8000)
C. SplunkWeb (8000), SplunkD (8089), and HTTP Collector (8088)
D. SplunkWeb (8088), SplunkD (8089), and HTTP Collector (8000)

Reference: https://splunk.github.io/docker-splunk/ARCHITECTURE.html



Which of the following is a best practice when configuring maintenance windows?

A. Disable any glass tables that reference a KPI that is part of an open maintenance window.
B. Develop a strategy for configuring a service\\’s notable event generation when the service\\’s maintenance window is open.
C. Give the maintenance window a buffer, for example, 15 minutes before and after actual maintenance work.
D. Change the color of services and entities that are part of an open maintenance window in the service analyzer.

It\\’s a best practice to schedule maintenance windows with a 15- to 30-minute time buffer before and after you start and stop your maintenance work.
Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/Configure/AboutMW



Which glass table feature can be used to toggle displaying KPI values from more than one service on a single widget?

A. Service templates.
B. Service dependencies.
C. Ad-hoc search.
D. Service swapping.

Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/SI/Visualizations#collapseDesktop8



Which of the following are deployment recommendations for ITSI? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Deployments often require an increase of hardware resources above base Splunk requirements.
B. Deployments require a dedicated ITSI search head.
C. Deployments may increase the number of required indexers based on the number of KPI searches.
D. Deployments should use fastest possible disk arrays for indexers.

You might need to increase the hardware specifications of your own Enterprise Security deployment above the minimum hardware requirements depending on your environment.
Install Splunk Enterprise Security on a dedicated search head or search head cluster.
The Splunk platform uses indexers to scale horizontally. The number of indexers required in an Enterprise Security deployment varies based on the data volume, data type, retention requirements, search type, and search concurrency.
Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ES/latest/Install/DeploymentPlanning



Which capabilities are enabled through “teams”?

A. Teams allow searches against the itsi_summaryindex.
B. Teams restrict notable event alert actions.
C. Teams restrict searches against the itsi_notable_auditindex.
D. Teams allow restrictions to service content in UI views.

Teams provide presentation-layer security only and not data-level security. It\\’s still possible for a user with access to the Splunk search bar to look up ITSI summary index data.
Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/Configure/ServicePerms



When creating a custom deep dive, what color are services/KPIs in maintenance mode within the topology view?

A. Gray
B. Purple
C. Gear Icon
D. Blue

Services, entities, and KPIs that are fully or partially impacted by a maintenance window appear in a dark gray color on pages that display health scores, including service analyzers, service and entity details pages, glass tables, multi-KPI alerts, and deep dives.
Reference: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/ITSI/4.10.2/Configure/AboutMW

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