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Latest Update Avaya 33810X Exam Questions and Answers Online Test

An Avaya representative knows the sales cycle, and uses It regularly to get a good understanding problems and
quantify the costs.
Which statement describes the Qualification step?
A. It proposes, communicates, and agrees upon the detailed solution.
B. It documents the details, and quantifies the cost.
C. It Is a discussion driver to help draw out and Identify the problem(s) to be solved.
D. It is the final Invoice that serves as the formal contract acknowledgement.
Correct Answer: D

During the discovery conversation, the AMR Medicure Contact Center Manager said they want a tool that allows Voice
Recording, Quality Monitoring and Scheduling, and Forecasting for agents Including training.
Which Advanced WFO package would the sales person offer AMR Medicure?
A. Automated Quality Monitoring package
B. Quality Monitoring package
C. Workforce Management package
D. Workforce Optimization package
Correct Answer: B

Which Avaya Call Recorder provides Active Parallel Redundancy as option?
A. Avaya Enhanced Contact Recording
B. Avaya Contact Recording
C. Avaya Contact Recording Advanced
D. Avaya Basic Contact Recording
Correct Answer: C

The IT manager installed AACC on virtualized servers. Which identifier is used for the creation of licenses?
A. IP address
B. MAC address
C. Host ID
D. Customer name
Correct Answer: D

What should a functional architecture discussion cover?
A. Network plan of the existing Infrastructure
B. Bill of Materials to quantify the costs
C. Customer evolution plans and Avaya solution to their problems
D. A design of the needed components and Interconnections
Correct Answer: A

A support manager experienced that each Voice Contact runs through an application designed with the Which service
controls the pathway through the application?
A. Task Flow Executor (TFE)
B. Telephony Services Manager (TSM)
C. SIP Gateway Manager (SGM)
D. Telephony Services Manager (TSM)
Correct Answer: D

Which three attributes describe the right context of a customer journey experience? (Choose three.)
A. Specific Report focused
B. Single Channel driven
C. Seamless
D. Personalized
E. Intelligent
Correct Answer: A

An IT manager wants Avaya Breeze because it provides a virtuallzed and secure application platform for Snap\\’lns.
Which two Avaya Breeze Snap-ins are available with Avaya Aura Contact Center? (Choose two.)
A. Context Store
B. Work Assignment
C. Dialogue Designer
D. Co-browse
Correct Answer: D

During a discovery conversation with a satellite television provider, a sales person learned that the business pain point
of multi channel contact center capabilities are now a basic requirement, along with queuing, routing, tracking, and
reporting of inbound, outbound, and blended calls.
Which value proposition would you use?
A. Avaya Aura Contact Center solutions enable blended multichannel so businesses can leverage Avaya customer
experience management leadership In a solution that is optimized for use with Avaya Aura.
B. Avaya Aura Contact Center solutions allow businesses to leverage Avaya customer experience management
leadership In a solution that Is fit for purpose.
C. Avaya Aura Contact Center solutions enable blended multichannel capabilities that can help to Improve customer
experiences. Increase revenue, and customer lifetime value.
D. Avaya Aura Contact Center solutions extend Avaya\\’s Innovation In customer experience management to
businesses, with the simplicity and value they require.
Correct Answer: C

Different CPU and RAM requirements for virtual machines are specified How many Resource Profiles are defined In a
virtualized AACC?
A. 4
B. 2
C. 1
D. 3
Correct Answer: A

An IT manager wants a Callback offer leveraging AACC scripting and Web services, as well as the outbound capability
of AACC.
What Is this solution called?
A. Call Completion No Reply (CCNR)
B. Call Back Assist (CBA)
C. Call Back Request (CBR)
D. Call Completion Busy Subscriber (CCBS)
Correct Answer: C

Avaya One Source has orderable quotes for the Greenfield customer and existing customer.
How can a quote from Avaya One Source -Order center be placed as an order?
A. By using Sales Force Updates
B. By using Create Proposal SSR
C. By using Create Order
D. By using Create Upload Order SSR
Correct Answer: A

An IT manager wants Avaya Breeze TM to use Snap-In to integrate new capabilities into processes.
Which Avaya Breeze TM snap-in is offered to provide a core capability for defining, administering, and executing the
end-user customer journey?
A. Context Store
B. Co-Browsing
C. Engagement Designer
D. Work Assignment
Correct Answer: A

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