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Latest effective Cisco Business Architecture Analyst 810-440 Exam Practice Tests


During a business lead engagement, which role of the aspiring Cisco Business Architect is true? 

A. to be more business focused 

B. dedicated to running proof of value 

C. to be more technology focused 

D. to promote the business lead approach with other line of business 

Correct Answer: D 


Which element delivers a long-term plan for how the business will achieve its target state and goals? 

A. Business priority 

B. Business outcome 

C. Business strategy 

D. Business requirement 

E. Business solution 

Correct Answer: C 


Which option is the main benefit of the Internet of Everything? 

A. makes better use of legacy investments 

B. brings improvements to businesses and people 

C. discrete focus on top industries health and finance 

D. compensates for errors in business process design 

Correct Answer: B 


Which two functions of the technology specialists in a Cisco Business Architecture engagement are true? (Choose


A. Support the engagement that is led by the business architect. 

B. Owen the customer relationship. 

C. Define business capabilities. 

D. Focus on specific technical solutions 

Correct Answer: AD 

The Technology Specialists are focused on technology and in some situations they are needed to support the

engagement that the Cisco Business Architect leads. Outside of those engagements, the Technology Specialists may

be the people that are technically involved with the business stakeholders. The Technology Specialists must be aware

of the Cisco Business Architect skills and when and how they are applied. Being aware of the skills allows the

Technology Specialists to understand their role in the context of a business-led approach. In the case where the Cisco

Business Architect is responsible for the account the Technology Specialists will have a different role. 

QUESTION 5lead4pass 810-440 exam question q5Which description of the rote of the account manager is true?
A. The account manager is responsible for technology selection to sell into the account.
B. The account manager leads a business-led approach selecting the right technology to sell.
C. The account manager leads the customer engagement throughout the business-led approach.
D. The account manager is directly responsible for the customer relationship.
Correct Answer: D

Which are two characteristics of laissez-faire leadership styles? (Choose two.)
A. The leader has minimal involvement.
B. A trained and qualified team member leads efforts.
C. The leader provides rewards and incentives.
D. It involves a high level of communication
E. It is intended for team members who require close supervision.
Correct Answer: AB

Which two options have a positive impact on costs from the direct benefits provided by Cloud services and solutions?

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