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Referring to the JN0-643 dumps exhibit, which three actions would summarize these routes to a BGP peer? (Choose three.)
A. Create a policy that accepts the more specific contributing routes.
B. Create a route to with a next hop of under the [edit routing- options static] hierarchy.
C. Create a policy that rejects the more specific contributing routes.
D. Create a policy to accept aggregate routes.
E. Create a route under the [edit routing-options aggregate] hierarchy.
Correct Answer: CDE

Click the Exhibit button.
AS4 is using the JN0-643 exam default path to get to AS1. This path is not modified by any of the ASs shown in the exhibit. AS1 wants to influence this path so that traffic from AS4 comes through AS3.
Where do you apply the policy shown in the exhibit?
A. AS1
B. AS2
C. AS3
D. AS4
Correct Answer: A

Your company asks you to configure multicast routing on a Junos device. They tell you that the router at IP address is the root of the shared multicast delivery tree.
Which command allows you to configure the Junos device as a non-RP router for PIM?
A. set protocols pim rp local family inet disable
B. set protocols pim rp local address
C. set protocols pim rp static address
D. set protocols pim rp auto-rp announce
Correct Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button.
You are the administrator for the network shown in the exhibit. R1 receives the route from routers R2, R3, and R4. Local preference values have not been modified in this network. You are asked to ensure that R1 prefers the path through AS 3149 for traffic destined to
Which two methods will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. Configure a lower local preference on R3.
B. Configure as-path-prepend on R2 and R4.
C. Configure local-as on R3.
D. Configure always-compare-med on R1.
Correct Answer: BD

Referring to the output shown in the JN0-643 vce exhibit, which three statements are true about the PIM implementation on R1? (Choose three.)
A. R1 is receiving multicast traffic over the RPT.
B. R1 is receiving multicast traffic over the SPT.
C. Interface ge-0/0/10 provides the shortest path to the source.
D. The multicast stream flows from to
E. Interface ge-0/0/6 provides the shortest path to the source.
Correct Answer: BDE

Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the exhibit, the JN0-643 pdf RPT from R3 towards R2 is established.
What happens if the multicast source connected to R1 starts sending multicast traffic towards R1?
A. R1 encapsulates the multicast packets into a PIM register multicast packet.
B. R1 encapsulates the multicast packets into PIM join unicast messages.
C. R1 forwards the multicast packets on the (S,G) tree towards the RP.
D. R1 tunnels the multicast packets in PIM register messages towards the RP.
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements are true about MSDP mesh groups? (Choose two.)
A. The MSDP mesh group was originally designed to limit SA flooding.
B. SA messages received from a mesh group member flood these messages to all peers that are not members of this mesh group.
C. SA messages received from a peer not in any mesh group do not flood to all peers.
D. SA messages received from a peer not in any mesh group perform a peer-RPF check and, if successful, flood to all peers (except the advertising router).
Correct Answer: AB

Which multicast group is used for all PIM routers?
Correct Answer: B

When enabling MVRP for dynamic VLAN registration JN0-643, which three timers would be configured on an interface? (Choose three.)
A. hello-interval
B. join-timer
C. leave-timer
D. max-age
E. leaveall-timer
Correct Answer: BCE

Which two statements are correct about L2PT? (Choose two.)
A. L2PT requires 802.1Q tunneling enablement to effectively tunnel L2 protocols.
B. 802.1Q tunnels all L2 protocols by default.
C. L2PT encapsulates L2 PDUs by enabling the ingress switch to rewrite the PDUs’ source MAC addresses before forwarding them onto the service provider network.
D. You cannot enable L2PT and VLAN translation on the same VLAN.
Correct Answer: AD

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