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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNA Collaboration
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices v1.0
Exam Code: 210-065
Total Questions: 311 Q&As

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Cisco CCNA Collaboration 210-065 Dumps Exam Real Questions And Answers (Q11-Q30)

Which desktop endpoint support 802.3af PoE?
A. DX70
B. DX80
C. DX90
D. DX650
Correct Answer: D

An engineer is backing up a VCS configuration. Which two methods can be used? (Choose two.)
D. web administration
E. local
Correct Answer: BC

An engineer sees a video camera icon on the Cisco IP phone screen status line. Which meaning of this icon is true?
A. The Cisco VT camera is connected to the PC, and the PC is connected to the Cisco IP phone.
B. The Cisco IP phone has web access.
C. The Cisco IP phone is receiving a video call.
D. The Cisco IP phone is configured with video capabilities.
Correct Answer: D

A company just acquired a Cisco MCU 5300 for multi videoconferencing. The networking engineer must create a conference. To which tab does the engineer go to create a conference?
A. Endpoints
B. Conferences
C. Network
D. Settings
Correct Answer: B

In this tutorial the instruction `Go to Conferences > Move participants’ means click the Conferences link on the menu bar and then click the Move participants tab.

Which option is the Cisco recommended minimum viewing distance for a 52″ monitor installed in a video conferencing room?
A. 1.5 m
B. 3.0 m
C. 2.5 m
D. 2.0 m
Correct Answer: A

210-065 dumps Which effect of the CLI set audio aec enable command on the immersive Cisco Telepresence system is true?
A. Echo cancellation is enabled.
B. Call economy quality feature is enabled.
C. Noise cancellation is enabled.
D. AEC audio codec is enabled.
Correct Answer: A

What is the process for resetting a Cisco VCS control appliance back to initial default configuration?
A. Push down and hold the reset button on the back of the VCS appliance for 10 seconds and power cycle the device.
B. Log onto the CLI console as root and initiate the defaults-reset command.
C. Log into the GUI interface as administrator, choose System Settings, select Restore, select Factory Reset.
D. Log onto the CLI console as root and initiate the factory-reset command.
Correct Answer: D

Which two Cisco TelePresence endpoints support hosting embedded multisite conferences? (Choose two.)
A. sx20
B. MX800
C. DX70
D. DX80
E. Jabber Video for Cisco TelePresence
Correct Answer: AB

For reference, the below endpoints support Multisite:
MX200/300 G2

Which option is the Cisco recommended layout if cascading is being used?
A. Enhanced Continuous Presence
B. Full Participant
C. Continuous Presence
D. Active Speaker
Correct Answer: C

When an administrator schedules a conference, which three devices are part of the process? (Choose three.)
A. endpoint
B. Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager
C. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
D. Cisco Communications Manager
E. MCU appliance
F. Cisco TelePresence Content Server
Correct Answer: BDF

An engineer is configuring a Cisco TelePresence MX300 for registration to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system. What should Network1>DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress be set to on the endpoint, in order to receive option 150?
B. 150
C. On
Correct Answer: D

Which option is an immersive endpoint?
A. Cisco TelePresence EX90
B. Cisco TelePresence TX9000
C. Cisco TelePresence SX10
D. Cisco TelePresence DX70
Correct Answer: C

An engineer is using a cascading feature with Cisco TelePresence Conductor and Cisco TelePresence Servers. Which two limitations will the engineer likely encounter? (Choose two.)
A. Ad-hoc conferencing cascading is not supported.
B. Only single-screen endpoints are supported through cascading links.
C. Multiple-screen endpoints are supported only with three or more Cisco TelePresence Servers.
D. Scheduled conferencing is not supported.
E. Ad-hoc conferencing cascading is supported only with three or more Cisco TelePresence Servers.
Correct Answer: AD

Which two features are available on a Cisco TelePresence Server that are not available on a Cisco TelePresence MCU? (Choose two.)
A. auto-attendant conference menu
B. automatic lecture mode
C. virtualization
D. multiscreen endpoint support
E. multiple layouts
Correct Answer: CE

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Refer to the exhibit. When a user cannot log into the Cisco Jabber client, the log file from a Windows Jabber client on an internal network is shown. 210-065 dumps Which SRV must the DNS administrator create to resolve the problem?
A. _collab-edge
B. _cisco-uds
C. _sip
D. _sips
Correct Answer: A

Which technology can be used to pair an iPad with a Cisco room-based video collaboration endpoint?
A. Bluetooth
B. Wi-Fi
C. Cisco Intelligent Proximity
D. Zigbee
Correct Answer: C

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Refer to the exhibit. An SX80 endpoint has been deployed using dual screens and a third display is being added. To which connector must the third display be connected?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E
F. F
Correct Answer: C

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When the Cisco Jabber usertries to call extension 3501, Cisco Jabber never places the call No errors or messages are seen and no reordertone is heard. Assuming that the Cisco Jabber calling search space is configured correctly in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which of these could be causing this issue?
A. CTI for the end user must be enabled.
B. Cisco Jabber must be reconfigured for desktop mode.
C. The username or password is misconfigured in Cisco Jabber.
D. The Cisco Jabber Advanced Phone Settings are misconfigured.
E. Cisco Jabber does not have the correct phone button template and hence has not registered to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
F. The called user presence status is unknown.
G. The called user has not been added as a contact in Cisco Jabber.
Correct Answer: D

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Refer to the exhibits. An administrator needs to perform a factory reset on a C-Series endpoint. What are two valid ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. Exhibit A
B. Exhibit B
C. Exhibit C
D. Exhibit D
E. Exhibit E
Correct Answer: AD

A customer is looking for a video conference solution that includes video streaming. What are the two devices that when used together, provide streaming capability? 210-065 dumps (Choose two.)
D. MCU 4500
Correct Answer: BD

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