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A company has just completed a security audit and received initial results from the auditor. The results show that the
ethical hacker was able to gain access to the company servers by exploiting non-hardened VMs and hosts as guests
and administrators. Which of the following should be implemented to harden the environment? (Select two.)
A. Discretionary access controls
B. Disable unnecessary accounts
C. Change default passwords
D. Install antivirus software
E. Role-based access controls
Correct Answer: BE

Which of the following is the BEST method to isolate iSCSI network traffic?
A. WWPN Zoning
B. WWNN Zoning
C. Dedicated VLANs
D. LUN Masking
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following protocols allows fibre channel to be transmitted over the network?
Correct Answer: B

A system administrator found that a user repeatedly violates acceptable use policies by consuming more disk space
than the user is authorized to consume. Which of the following tools should the administrator use to enforce the
acceptable use policy?
A. Quotas
B. Resource pools
C. LUN masking
D. Reservations
Correct Answer: A

Cloud bursting can alleviate which of the following attacks?
A. Buffer Overflow
B. Brute Force
Correct Answer: D

A company that provides cloud-based storage services allows user authentication using third-party social network
credentials. Which of the following should be implemented to accomplish this task?
A. Multifactor authentication
B. Virtual private network
C. Federation D. Domain trusts
Correct Answer: A

A cloud administrator needs to configure multiple web servers to participate actively in workload processing. Which of
the following will BEST help the administrator achieve this goal?
A. Deploy availability group and enable autoscaling.
B. Deploy availability group and enable load balancing.
C. Deploy a reverse proxy in the DMZ.
D. Deploy an HA group and make each website public.
Correct Answer: B

A new SaaS timecard application that is being tested will be used by all employees at a large corporation. The following
process was used to test the application:
Three users from each site used the application for three weeks.
The new application was used side by side with the existing application.
The outputs of the old and new applications were compared side by side.
Which of the following requirements did the testing plan confirm? (Select two.)
A. High availability
B. Performance
C. Connectivity
D. Data integrity
E. Sizing
F. Security
Correct Answer: BDE

A company has decided to scale its e-commerce application from its corporate datacenter to a commercial cloud
provider to meet an anticipated increase in demand during an upcoming holiday. The majority of the application load
takes place on the application server under normal conditions. For this reason, the company decides to deploy
additional application servers into a commercial cloud provider using the on-premises orchestration engine that installs
and configures common software and network configurations. The remote computing environment is connected to the
on-premises datacenter via a site-to-site IPSec tunnel. The external DNS provider has been configured to use weighted
round-robin routing to load balance connections from the Internet.
During testing, the company discovers that only 20% of connections completed successfully.
Review the network architecture and supporting documents and fulfill these requirements: Identify the correct options to
provide adequate configuration for hybrid cloud architecture.
If at any time you would like to bring back the initial state of the simulation, please select the Reset button. When you
have completed the simulation, please select the Done button to submit. Once the simulation is submitted, please select
the Next button to continue.
Simulation[2021.1] lead4pass cv0-002 exam questions q9 [2021.1] lead4pass cv0-002 exam questions q9-1 [2021.1] lead4pass cv0-002 exam questions q9-2 [2021.1] lead4pass cv0-002 exam questions q9-3 [2021.1] lead4pass cv0-002 exam questions q9-4 [2021.1] lead4pass cv0-002 exam questions q9-5 [2021.1] lead4pass cv0-002 exam questions q9-6

Instruction: Only select a maximum of TWO options from the multiple-choice question.
A. Deploy a Replica of the Database Server in the Cloud Provider
B. Update the PSK (Pre-shared key in Router2)
C. Update the A record on the DNS from to
D. Promote deny All to allow All in Firewall1 and Firewall2
E. Change the Address Space on Router2
F. Change internal IP Address of Router1
G. Reverse the Weight property in the two CNAME records on the DNS
H. Add the Application Server at on-premises to the Load Balancer
Correct Answer: AH

A hypervisor that prevents vendor lock-in is:
A. a proprietary hypervisor.
B. an integrated hypervisor.
C. an open-source hypervisor.
D. a framework hypervisor.
Correct Answer: C

A cloud provider is evaluating an insider threat. A resource from the company operations team has access to the
servers\\’ virtual disks. This poses a risk that someone could copy and move the virtual server image and have access
to the data. Which of the following solutions would help mitigate this problem?
A. Tokenization
B. Encryption
C. Virtual firewall
D. Hashing
Correct Answer: A

The fault-tolerant design allows a host to overcome a single HBA failure through:
A. clustering
B. UTA pairing
C. multipathing
D. NIC teaming
Correct Answer: A

A company has a private cloud NAC solution in place to prevent unauthorized/non-company assets from connecting to
the internal network. A cloud systems administrator cannot add a new physical server to the existing functioning cluster.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?
A. Server objects were deleted.
B. The DNS and DHCP servers are down.
C. The new physical server has a faulty NIC.
D. Server MAC addresses are not being updated.
Correct Answer: A

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