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Latest Update Redhat EX200 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

SELinux must run in force mode.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
/etc/sysconfig/selinux SELINUX=enforcing

Download to /root, and mounted automatically under /media/cdrom and which take
effect automatically at boot-start.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# cd /root; wget # mkdir -p /media/cdrom # vim /etc/fstab /root/boot.iso /media/cdrom
iso9660 defaults,loop 0 0 # mount -a mount [-t vfstype] [-o options] device dir

Configure the system synchronous as
Correct Answer: Check the answer in the explanation.
Graphical Interfaces: System–>Administration–>Date and Time OR # system-config-date

Find all lines in the file /usr/share/dict/words that contain the string seismic. Put a copy of all these lines in their original
order in the file /root/wordlist. /root/wordlist should contain no empty lines and all lines must be exact copies of the
original lines in /usr/share/dict/words.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
grep seismic /usr/share/dict/words> /root/wordlist

Configure NTP.
Configure NTP service, Synchronize the server time, NTP server: classroom.example.com
Correct Answer: Check the answer in the explanation.
Configure the client: Yum -y install chrony Vim /etc/chrony.conf Add: server classroom.example.com iburst Start:
systemctl enable chronyd systemctl restart chronyd Validate: timedatectl status

According the following requirements to create a local directory /common/admin.
This directory has an admin group.
This directory has read, write and execute permissions for all admin group members.
Other groups and users don’t have any permissions.
All the documents or directories created in the/common/admin are automatically inherited from the admin group.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
mkdir -p /common/admin chgrp admin /common/admin chmod 2770 /common/admin
You are a System administrator. Using Log files very easy to monitor the system. Now there are 50 servers running as
Mail, Web, Proxy, DNS services, etc. You want to centralize the logs from all servers into on LOG Server. How will you
configure the LOG Server to accept logs from the remote host?
Correct Answer: Check the answer in the explanation.
By default, the system accepts the logs only generated from localhost. To accept the Log from other host configure: vi
/etc/sysconfig/Syslog SYSLOGD_OPTIONS=”-m 0 -r” Where -m 0 disables \\’MARK\\’ messages. -r enables logging
from remote machines -x disables DNS lookups on messages received with -r service Syslog restart

A YUM source has been provided in the http://instructor.example.com/pub/rhel6/dvd Configure your system and can be
used normally.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
/etc/yum.repos.d/base.repo [base] name=base baseurl=http://instructor.example.com/pub/rhel6/dvd gpgcheck=0 yum

Create a catalog under /home named admins. Its respective group is requested to be the admin group. The group users
could read and write, while other users are not allowed to access it. The files created by users from the same group
should also be the admin group.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# cd /home/ # mkdir admins / # chown .admin admins/ # chmod 770 admins/ # chmod g+s admins/

According to the following requirements, configure autofs service and automatically mount to user\\’s home directory in the LDAP domain.

Instructor.example.com ( has shared /home/guests/ldapuserX home directory to your system by over
NFS export, X is your hostname number.

LdapuserX\\’s home directory is exist in the instructor.example.com: /home/ guests/ldapuserX

LdapuserX’s home directory must be able to automatically mount to /home/ guests/ldapuserX in your system.

The home directory has to write permissions for the corresponding user.
However, you can log on to the ldapuser1 – ldapuser99 users after verification. But you can only get your corresponding LDAP, user users. If your system\\’s hostname is server1.example.com, you can only get ldapuser1\\’s home directory.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
mkdir –p /home/guests cat /etc/auto.master: /home/guests /etc/auto.ldap cat /etc/auto.ldap: ldapuser1 -rw
automatically mount all the user\\’s home directory #* -rw instructor.example.com:/home/guests/and

Please open the ip_forward, and take effect permanently.
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
vim /etc/sysctl.conf net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1
sysctl –w (takes effect immediately) If no “sysctl.conf” option, use these commands:
sysctl –a |grep net.ipv4
sysctl –P net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1
sysctl -w

Configure autofs to make sure after login successfully, it has the home directory autofs, which is shared as
/rhome/ldapuser40 at the IP: and it also requires that other LDAP users can use the home directory
Correct Answer: Check the anser in explanation.
# chkconfig autofs on # cd /etc/ # vim /etc/auto.master /rhome /etc/auto.ldap # cp auto.misc auto.ldap # vim auto.ladp
ldapuser40 -rw,soft,intr * -rw,soft,intr # service autofs stop #
server autofs start # showmount -e # su – ladpuser40

Your System is configured in Network and your nameserver is Make successfully
resolve to server1.example.com.
Correct Answer: Check the answer in the explanation.
nameserver is specified in the question,
Vi /etc/resolv.conf nameserver
host server1.example.com

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