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Which of the following roles of Microsoft Windows Active Directory refers to the ability of an active directory to transfer
roles to any domain controller (DC) in the enterprise?
A. Master Browser (MB)
B. Global Catalog (GC)
C. Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO)
D. Rights Management Services (RMS)
Correct Answer: C


An attacker targeted to attack network switches of an organization to steal confidential information such as
network subscriber information, passwords, etc. He started transmitting data through one switch to another
by creating and sending two 802.1Q tags, one for the attacking switch and the other for victim switch. By
sending these frames. The attacker is fooling the victim switch into thinking that the frame is intended for it.
The target switch then forwards the frame to the victim port.
Identify the type of attack being performed by the attacker?
A. SNMP brute forcing
B. MAC flooding
C. IP spoofing
D. VLAN hopping
Correct Answer: D


George, an ex-employee of Netabb Ltd. with bruised feelings due to his layoff, tries to take revenge against the
company. He randomly tried several attacks against the organization. As some of the employees used weak passwords
to their user accounts, George was successful in cracking the user accounts of several employees with the help of a
common passwords file. What type of password cracking attack did George perform?
A. Hybrid attack
B. Dictionary attack
C. Brute forcing attack
D. Birthday attack
Correct Answer: B


Variables are used to define parameters for detection, specifically those of your local network and/or specific servers or
ports for inclusion or exclusion in rules. These are simple substitution variables set with the var keyword. Which one of
the following operators is used to define meta-variables?
A. “$”
B. “#”
C. “*”
D. “?”
Correct Answer: A


Identify the person who will lead the penetration-testing project and be the client’s point of contact.
A. Database Penetration Tester
B. Policy Penetration Tester
C. Chief Penetration Tester
D. Application Penetration Tester
Correct Answer: C


Sarah is a pentester at JK Hopes and Sons based in Las Vegas. As a part of the penetration testing, she
was asked to perform the test without exposing the test to anyone else in the organization. Only a few
people in the organization know about the test. This test covers the organization\’s security monitoring,
incident identification, and response procedures.
What kind of pen testing is Sarah performing?
A. Double-blind Testing
B. Announced Testing
C. Unannounced Testing
D. Blind Testing
Correct Answer: A


Michael, a penetration tester of Rolatac Pvt. Ltd., has completed his initial penetration testing, and now he needs to
create a penetration testing report for company\’s client, management, and top officials for their reference. For this, he
created a report providing a detailed summary of the complete penetration testing process of the project that he has
undergone, its outcomes, and recommendations for future testing and exploitation.
In the above scenario, which type of penetration testing report has Michael prepared?
A. Host report
B. Activity report
C. User report
D. Executive report
Correct Answer: D


In the TCP/IP model, the transport layer is responsible for the reliability and flow control from the source to the destination. TCP provides the mechanism for flow control by allowing the sending and receiving hosts to communicate. A flow control mechanism avoids the problem with a transmitting host overflowing the buffers in the receiving host.

ecsav10 questions q8

A. Sliding Windows
B. Windowing
C. Positive Acknowledgment with Retransmission (PAR)
D. Synchronization
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following scan option is able to identify the SSL services?
A. -sS
B. -sV
C. -sU
D. -sT
Correct Answer: B


Linson, an employee in Skitac Ltd., notices a USB flash drive on the pavement of the company. Before he
could hand it over to the security guard, he tries to check it out. He connects it with an OTG to his mobile
phone and finds some of his favorite music playlists and games. He tries to download them into his mobile,
but very lately he came to know that he has been attacked and some of his sensitive financial information
was exposed to attackers.
What type of attacks did Linson face?
A. Social engineering attack
B. Phishing attack
C. Wardriving attack
D. Impersonation attack
Correct Answer: A


Rule of Engagement (ROE) is the formal permission to conduct a pen-test. It provides top-level guidance for conducting penetration testing. Various factors are considered while preparing the scope of ROE which clearly explain the limits associated with the security test.

ecsav10 questions q11

Which of the following factors is NOT considered while preparing the scope of the Rules of Engagement (ROE)?
A. A list of employees in the client organization
B. A list of acceptable testing techniques
C. Specific IP addresses/ranges to be tested
D. Points of contact for the penetration testing team
Correct Answer: A


During a DHCP handshake in an IPv4 network, which of the following messages contains the actual IP addressing
information for the clients to use?
Correct Answer: B


Sandra, a wireless network auditor, discovered her client is using WEP. To prove the point that the WEP
encryption is very weak, she wants to decrypt some WEP packets. She successfully captured the WEP
data packets, but could not reach the content as the data is encrypted.
Which of the following will help Sandra decrypt the data packets without knowing the key?
A. Fragmentation Attack
B. Chopchop Attack
C. ARP Poisoning Attack
D. Packet injection Attack
Correct Answer: B

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Today, most organizations would agree that their most valuable IT assets reside within applications and databases.
Most would probably also agree that these are areas that have the weakest levels of security, thus making them the
prime target for malicious activity from system administrators, DBAs, contractors, consultants, partners, and customers. eccouncil ecsav10 exam questions q1

Which of the following flaws refers to an application using poorly written encryption code to securely encrypt and store
sensitive data in the database and allows an attacker to steal or modify weakly protected data such as credit card
numbers, SSNs, and other authentication credentials?
A. SSI injection attack
B. Insecure cryptographic storage attack
C. Hidden field manipulation attack
D. Man-in-the-Middle attack
Correct Answer: B


What does ICMP Type 3/Code 13 mean?
A. Host Unreachable
B. Port Unreachable
C. Protocol Unreachable
D. Administratively Blocked
Correct Answer: D

What is kept in the following directory? HKLM\SECURITY\Policy\Secrets
A. Service account passwords in plain text
B. Cached password hashes for the past 20 users
C. IAS account names and passwords
D. Local store PKI Kerberos certificates
Correct Answer: A


Amazon, an IT based company, conducts a survey on the usage of the Internet. They found that company employees
spend most of the time at work surfing the web for their personal use and for inappropriate web site viewing.
Management decide to block all such web sites using URL filtering software.eccouncil ecsav10 exam questions q4

How can employees continue to see the blocked websites?
A. Using session hijacking
B. Using proxy servers
C. Using authentication
D. Using encryption
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is NOT related to the Internal Security Assessment penetration testing strategy?
A. Testing to provide a more complete view of site security
B. Testing focused on the servers, infrastructure, and the underlying software, including the target
C. Testing including tiers and DMZs within the environment, the corporate network, or partner company connections
D. Testing performed from a number of network access points representing each logical and physical segment
Correct Answer: B


Peter works as a lead penetration tester in a security service firm named Xsecurity. Recently, Peter was assigned a
white-box pen test assignment testing the security of an IDS system deployed by a client. During the preliminary
information gathering, Peter discovered the TTL to reach the IDS system from his end is 30. Peter created a Trojan and
fragmented it in to 1-character packets using the Colasoft packet builder tool. He then used a packet flooding utility to
bombard the IDS with these fragmented packets with the destination address of a target host behind the IDS whose TTL
is 35. What is Peter trying to achieve?
A. Peter is trying to bypass the IDS system using a Trojan
B. Peter is trying to bypass the IDS system using the broadcast address
C. Peter is trying to bypass the IDS system using the insertion attack
D. Peter is trying to bypass the IDS system using inconsistent packets
Correct Answer: D


Paulette works for an IT security consulting company that is currently performing an audit for the firm ACE Unlimited.
Paulette\\’s duties include logging on to all the company\\’s network equipment to ensure IOS versions are up-to-date
and all the other security settings are as stringent as possible. Paulette presents the following screenshot to her boss so
he can inform the clients about necessary changes need to be made. From the screenshot, what changes should the
client company make? Exhibit:eccouncil ecsav10 exam questions q7

A. The banner should not state “only authorized IT personnel may proceed”
B. Remove any identifying numbers, names, or version information
C. The banner should include the Cisco tech support contact information as well
D. The banner should have more detail on the version numbers for the network equipment
Correct Answer: B


War Driving is the act of moving around a specific area, mapping the population of wireless access points
for statistical purposes. These statistics are then used to raise awareness of the security problems
associated with these types of networks.
Which one of the following is a Linux based program that exploits the weak IV (Initialization Vector)
problem documented with static WEP?
A. Airsnort
B. Aircrack
C. WEPCrack
D. Airpwn
Correct Answer: A


Adam is a senior penetration tester at XYZsecurity Inc. He is auditing a wireless network for vulnerabilities.
Before starting the audit, he wants to ensure that the wireless card in his machine supports injection. He
decided to use the latest version of aircrack-ng tool.
Which of the following commands will help Adam check his wireless card for injection?
A. aireplay-ng -9 wlan0
B. airodump-ng wlan0
C. airdecap-ng -3 wlan0
D. aireplay-ng -5 –b wlan0
Correct Answer: B


You are the security analyst working for a private company out of France. Your current assignment is to obtain credit
card information from a Swiss bank owned by that company. After initial reconnaissance, you discover that the bank
security defenses are very strong and would take too long to penetrate. You decide to get the information by monitoring
the traffic between the bank and one of its subsidiaries in London. After monitoring some of the traffic, you see a lot of
FTP packets traveling back and forth. You want to sniff the traffic and extract usernames and passwords. What tool
could you use to get this information?
A. RaidSniff
B. Snort
C. Ettercap
D. Airsnort
Correct Answer: C


What are the scanning techniques that are used to bypass firewall rules and logging mechanisms and disguise
themselves as usual network traffic?
A. Connect Scanning Techniques
B. SYN Scanning Techniques
C. Stealth Scanning Techniques
D. Port Scanning Techniques
Correct Answer: C


Vulnerability assessment is an examination of the ability of a system or application, including the current security
procedures and controls, to withstand assault.eccouncil ecsav10 exam questions q12

What does a vulnerability assessment identify?
A. Disgruntled employees
B. Weaknesses that could be exploited
C. Physical security breaches
D. Organizational structure
Correct Answer: B


TCP/IP provides a broad range of communication protocols for the various applications on the network. The TCP/IP
model has four layers with major protocols included within each layer. Which one of the following protocols is used to
collect information from all the network devices?
A. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
B. Network File system (NFS)
C. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
D. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Correct Answer: A

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Latest Update ECCouncil ECSAV10 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

An “idle” system is also referred to as what?
A. Zombie
B. PC not being used
C. Bot
D. PC not connected to the Internet
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following defines the details of services to be provided for the client\\’s organization and the list of services
required for performing the test in the organization?
A. Draft
B. Report
C. Requirement list
D. Quotation
Correct Answer: D


A web application developer is writing code for validating the user input. His aim is to verify the user input against a list
of predefined negative inputs to ensure that the received input is not one among the negative conditions. Identify the
input filtering mechanism being implemented by the developer?
A. Black listing
B. White listing
C. Authentication
D. Authorization
Correct Answer: A


NTP protocol is used to synchronize the system clocks of computers with a remote time server or time source over a
network. Which one of the following ports is used by NTP as its transport layer?
A. TCP port 152
B. UDP port 177
C. UDP port 123
D. TCP port 113
Correct Answer: C


AB Cloud services provide virtual platform services for the users in addition to storage. The company offers users with
APIs, core connectivity and delivery, abstraction and hardware as part of the service. What is the name of the service
AB Cloud services offer?
A. Web Application Services
B. Platform as a service (PaaS)
C. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
D. Software as a service (SaaS)
Correct Answer: C


Peter is working on a pen testing assignment. During the reconnaissance phase, Peter discovered that the client\\’s
SYSLOG systems are taken off for four hours on the second Saturday of every month for maintenance. He wants to
the client\\’s web pages for sensitive information without triggering their logging mechanism. There are hundreds of
pages on the client\\’s website and it is difficult to analyze all the information in just four hours.
What will Peter do to analyze all the web pages in a stealthy manner?
A. Use HTTrack to mirror the complete website
B. Use WayBackMachine
C. Perform reverse DNS lookup
D. Search the Internet, newsgroups, bulletin boards, and negative websites for information about the client
Correct Answer: A


Henderson has completed the pen testing tasks. He is now compiling the final report for the client. Henderson needs to
include the result of scanning that revealed a SQL injection vulnerability and different SQL queries that he used to
web application authentication.
In which section of the pen testing report, should Henderson include this information?
A. General opinion section
B. Methodology section
C. Comprehensive technical report section
D. Executive summary section
Correct Answer: C


In the TCP/IP model, the transport layer is responsible for the reliability and flow control from source to destination. TCP
provides the mechanism for flow control by allowing the sending and receiving hosts to communicate. A flow control
mechanism avoids the problem with a transmitting host overflowing the buffers in the receiving host.

EC-COUNCIL ECSAV10 practice test q8

A. Sliding Windows
B. Windowing
C. Positive Acknowledgment with Retransmission (PAR)
D. Synchronization
Correct Answer: C


Harold wants to set up a firewall on his network but is not sure which one would be the most appropriate. He knows he
needs to allow FTP traffic to one of the servers on his network, but he wants to only allow FTP-PUT. Which firewall
would be most appropriate for Harold?
A. Application-level proxy firewall
B. Data link layer firewall
C. Packet filtering firewall
D. circuit-level proxy firewall
Correct Answer: A


Software firewalls work at which layer of the OSI model?
A. Data Link
B. Network
C. Transport
D. Application
Correct Answer: A


John and Hillary work in the same department in the company. John wants to find out Hillary\\’s network password so
he can take a look at her documents on the file server. He enables the Lophtcrack program to sniff mode. John sends
an email with a link to Error! Reference source not found.
What information will he be able to gather from this?
A. The SID of Hillary\\’s network account
B. The network shares that Hillary has permissions
C. The SAM file from Hillary\\’s computer
D. Hillary\\’s network username and password hash
Correct Answer: D


Russel, a penetration tester after performing the penetration testing, wants to create a report so that he can provide
details of the testing process and findings of the vulnerabilities to the management. Russel employs the commonly
vulnerability scoring framework called Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) v3.0 ratings for grading the
severity and risk level of identified vulnerabilities in the report. For a specific SMB-based vulnerability, Russel assigned
a score
of 8.7.
What is the level of risk or level of severity of the SMB vulnerability as per CVSS v3.0 for the assigned score?
A. Critical
B. Low
C. Medium
D. High
Correct Answer: D


Allen and Greg, after investing in their startup company called Zamtac Ltd., developed a new web application for their
company. Before hosting the application, they want to test the robustness and immunity of the developed web
against attacks like buffer overflow, DOS, XSS, and SQL injection.
What is the type of web application security test Allen and Greg should perform?
A. Web fuzzing
B. Web crawling
C. Web spidering
D. Web mirroring
Correct Answer: A

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